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FileBrowser for the iPhone


With FileBrowser you can manage your files on your iPhone. Moreover, you can open your local Word, pdf and html files. In order to keep files in your home directory up to date, you can browse, upload, download and delete the files from your computer's browser over WiFi (just enter URL shown under settings).

Needs Jiggy runtime engine installed. (see the Development category in your Installer)


In order to support my future work please consider donating a
buck or two. Thank you! :-)

Some Hints:

  • Latest feature: Browse FTP servers (Create->FTP Connection) and download files to /var/mobile/Media/Downloads
  • Second latest feature: Make zip files (in Tools section)
  • For archiving support, install Zip, Unzip and Unrar application of Moyashi
  • File Associations: to open a file type with internal TextEditor enter 'TestEdit' (respectively 'Internal Safari', 'External Safari' for browser view)
  • Tap on top bar in Edit mode to invert selection (usually gives a Select All)
  • Tap on top bar in Browsing mode brings you back to Home
  • Shaking the iPhone gets you back
  • Finding files is only in a depth of 3 subfolders
  • The Use file:// option works only when Safari is patched for file:// !!!
  • File upload with Internet Explorer is not working
  • If you get a MainScript execution failed, check if you have BSD Subsystem installed!
  • I don't know the password! It's a random value, just change it before using the browser access!

How to get it

Add to your Installer app's sources.

More Screenshots